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Daily A/P Audit Services

Keep your payment process 100% accurate at the lowest cost possible. MGIS will check every invoice before it is paid, eliminating third party audit vendors and accumulating Processor errors for employee evaluations. With the Daily A/P Audit service, you will have all of your invoices audited pre payment and receive a daily report by processor ID detailing specific processing errors, ensuring the preciseness of your transactions.

Daily A/P Audit Services
* Web-based Workflow *
Automated invoice processing services allow your invoices to be approved and processed on-line by the requestor.
* Shared Service Site Support *
Collect,organize and process your work from anywhere in the world including your employee's home.
* Global Remote Scanning *
Eliminate shipping paper by scanning your documents from anywhere in the world onto our servers.
* Daily A/P Audit Services *
Verify every single processed invoice is correct with our pre-payment audit services.
* Internet Hosting *
Have all of your images stored, retrieved 24/7 and backed up on our servers.
* Document Scanning Services *
Eliminate filing and copying by utilizing our scanning services, on a 24hr turn around schedule from anywhere in the world.
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