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Internet Hosting

Our Internet Hosting service allows all of your images to be available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can retrieve your images from anywhere in the world knowing that they are online at two separate locations, ensuring the safe keeping of your images. They will be hyperlinked to your existing applications and our outsourced data back up and retrieval management will eliminate any other stress you may have over the protection of your images.

* Web-based Workflow *
Automated invoice processing services allow your invoices to be approved and processed on-line by the requestor.
* Shared Service Site Support *
Collect,organize and process your work from anywhere in the world including your employee's home.
* Global Remote Scanning *
Eliminate shipping paper by scanning your documents from anywhere in the world onto our servers.
* Daily A/P Audit Services *
Verify every single processed invoice is correct with our pre-payment audit services.
* Internet Hosting *
Have all of your images stored, retrieved 24/7 and backed up on our servers.
* Document Scanning Services *
Eliminate filing and copying by utilizing our scanning services, on a 24hr turn around schedule from anywhere in the world.
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